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Making Land Ownership Easy

Finding the right block to build your first home on is a big deal and one that involves many choices and decisions. If it’s your first time, it can all seem pretty daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your 2-Step Guide to Buying and Building

This simple guide is designed to help you get started and give you an understanding of what’s involved. Because the more you know, the more you can take control of the process and get the best result – a great life in a great community. At QUBE we like to make things easy. It’s all about the two Bs:

Budget & Block

Get the balance right, and you’ll get the land for the lifestyle you’ve been looking for.

1. Budget

Knowing how much you can spend is one of the most important factors in determining where you can buy.
Work out your financial position before you start looking.
You can go directly to a bank or a lender, but it’s often a good idea to go to a mortgage broker. Brokers not only shop around for a loan from different lenders but can also offer you advice and help you through the whole process, from loan application to approval and settlement. Our Estate Managers are happy to put you in contact with a good broker if you need one.
What about Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a State Government charge that’s payable on the purchase of property. The good news is that if you’re a first homebuyer you don’t have to pay duty on land that’s under $300,000. It’s important to get all the information about this, and the best place to start is here.

What sort of deposit will you need?
Many lenders will tell you the bigger the deposit the better. This is good advice but if you don’t have a big chunk of money saved there are other ways. Keystart was created by the WA Government to help West Australians into affordable housing. Most lenders need a deposit of at least 5%. Keystart only needs 2%. You can use your First Home Owners Grant for this, and they calculate your household expenses to make sure you can manage your repayments. It also doesn’t require mortgage insurance, which other lenders may ask for and will add to your lending costs. 
Can you get the First Home Owners Grant?

This government grant is designed to help people like you get into a home of your own. It’s a bit of extra cash in your pocket to help give you a bit more buying power. If you want to check your eligibility the first home owners grant, please refer to the Office of State Revenue website.

Budget Calculator

Loan Amount*
Subject to lending criteria.
Less Land*
*Example 315sqm
Based on full price 315sqm.
Less Site Works
*Indicative Cost
Connection of power, water, swerage, levelling of block.
Less BAL or Other*
*Indicative Cost
BAL (Bushfire Attack Level). Talk to land representative.
Less Legal Fees*
Adjustments of water rates, shire rates, land tax, settlement agent fees, searches etc.
Plus $10,000 First Homebuyer's Grant
Amount Available for New Home*
Funds available to construct a home.

*The above calculator is an example of the costs involved in purchasing a home and land package. All costs are samples and will vary within each estate.

Excludes stamp duty up to value of $300,000.

Now you’re ready! Once you have a good idea how much you can borrow, and what your other costs are, you can start looking for the place you’d like to live.

2. Block

WA is a big place, so how do you narrow it down and find the place that’s perfect for your new home? This three-level approach should help.
The Location.
The first thing to consider is the general area you want to live that gives you the lifestyle you’re looking for. Do you want to stay close to where you are now? How important is it to have access to major transport options? Is it convenient for your work, or close to the places you like to enjoy on your time off?
The Community.
Once you have an idea of the location you’d like to live in, it’s time to look at the community you’ll be joining. Even with new estates it’s important that you’re within easy reach of established schools, shops, medical services, and recreational facilities. Ideally, these should all be only a short drive away. Consider what is already there and what will be coming as the area grows. 
The Land.
You know your budget and you’ve narrowed it down to the place you’d like to live. Now you just have to find the right block of land. Look at the size and the shape. Most builders have home choices that are designed for blocks of many shapes and sizes. Consider whether it will be on a wide thoroughfare, a quiet side street, or a cul-de-sac. And of course, its proximity to features like parks, bushland, shops and schools
Some Other Things...
These are costs that are needed to make the block suitable for building. This can include tree removal, levelling, and removal of rock just below the surface and can become expensive if the block has a slope, big trees, or rock that needs excavation.

What’s Next?

You’ve done your homework, you have a pre-approval from your finance broker and now you’re ready to choose the block that suits you. Once you’ve found the perfect place it’s time to choose your builder. Over the last 27 years we’ve developed close working relationships with many of WA’s best and most trusted home builders. And we’re more than happy to put you in touch. Talk to our Estate Manager, Carl, for help with choosing the builder that is right for you.